Name of shareholder No. of shares %
Sniper Investments Limited 11,463,312 18.54
Lazard Asset Management LLC 10,318,860 16.69
Universities Superannuation Scheme 8,494,683 13.74
Apollo Multi Asset Management 3,881,312 6.28
Credit Suisse stocklending account* 3,684,068 5.96
Premier Miton Investors 3,038,000 4.91
SIX SIS** 2,983,080 4.82
Subtotal 43,863,315 70.94
Others 17,972,418 29.06
Total 61,835,733 100
*CfD position of 3,780,041 shares owned by Ironsides Partners LLC.
**Further disclosure on positions requested.

As of 22 January 2019 and adjusted for TR-1 notifications. Shareholding % are rounded to two decimal points.

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